DK4 brush holder with brush; dry or lubricated

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Code0017673Warranty24 months

Holder for clutches and brakes lubricated with oil mist or shower, used to supply power to a carbon brush with a low specific pressure, inserted into the plastic holder.

K4 and DK4

Brushes and brush holders are available for clutches and brakes dry or lubricated with oil mist or shower. Coupling slip rings are most often steel, hardened and ground. In the case of the tropical design for dry couplings, the slip rings are bronze.

It is necessary to state the type of environment in the order - dry or lubricated. For lubricated clutches and brakes, brushes with a high specific pressure of 1 MPa made of bronze mesh, type K 4 inserted in a plastic holder are used. High specific pressure is required to squeeze the oil film on the ring.

When the clutch or brake is dry, a low specific pressure carbon brush embedded in a plastic holder is used to supply power.