steel brush, plastic handle, 240mm, corrugated wire S 0,5mm, Fe, EXTOL CRAFT

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CodeRK 960017ProducerEXTOL
tech. data: 240mm description: corrugated wire S 0.5mm material: Fe Wide selection of hand wire brushes with wooden or plastic handle with wires made of nylon, steel, brass-plated steel, which are designed for versatile use, eg cleaning surfaces and materials, removing paint, dirt, rust and tough deposits, roughening deburring, descaling etc. Ways of use according to the type of wire: 1) nylon wire: is characterized by long life, suitable in cases where you do not want to damage or scratch the cleaned material 2) steel wire: versatile use, especially for removing thick deposits, cleaning welds, rusting, etc. 3 ) brass-plated steel wire: for light surface treatment and deburring 4) brass wire: for use on copper, brass and in places where there is a risk of fire or explosion, brass wires do not cause sparks 5) stainless steel wire: in cases where traces of iron are undesirable from common steel brushes eg for machining stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals
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