sludge pump with 10m cable UNIQUA CESSPIT J20 S 1,15kW 230V

UNIQUA CESSPIT Voltage 230 V Max. discharge head 16 m Max. flow 210 l / min Max. draft 6.5 m Rated current 5.2 A Discharge diameter 6/4-C3 Weight 16 kg
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CodeCKJ 1151-10PNprůtok 210 l/min-ponor 6,5 m-délka kabelu 10 m/1/23ProducerČERPACÍ TECHNIKA
Automatická tepelná ochrana:ANO
Délka kabelu [m]10 m
Jmenovité napětí [V]:230V~240V
Jmenovitý proud [A]:5,2 A
Oběžné kolo nebo vřetenolitinové otevřené
Plovákový vypínačNE
Ponor maximální [m]6,5 m
Průchod pevné částice5 mm
Průměr DN výtlaku6/4-C3"
Průtok maximální [l/min]210 litrů/min
Rozměry [mm]:440 výška(v);240 (š) max
Těleso čerpadlaLitina, Nerezová ocel
Typ ucpávky:Mechanická - karbon/keramika
Výkon elektromotoru [kW]1,15 kW
Výtlak maximální [m]16 m
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  • Voltage 230 V
  • Max. discharge head 16 m
  • Max. flow 210 l / min
  • Max. draft 6.5 m
  • Rated current 5.2 A
  • Discharge diameter 6/4-C3
  • Weight 16 kg

Technical specifications submersible sludge single-stage pump stainless steel cast iron construction carbide mechanical seal SiC / SiC oil box cast iron open impeller type VORTEX (VOX) throughput of parts up to 5 mm asynchronous electric motor with thermal winding protection supply cable 10 m Use pumping of sludge pits pumping sumps and septic tanks pumping tanks and pools irrigation system The UNIQUA CESSPIT submersible sludge pump is designed for pumping heavily polluted high-density wastewater, ie for pumping sumps and septic tanks, sludge sumps, wastewater, industrial water. The use of the pump for pumping flammable liquids, toxic and aggressive (alkalis, acids) substances is not permitted. It is also forbidden to use the pump in potentially explosive atmospheres. The manufacturer can supply the pump with different cable lengths according to the customer's wishes. The pump can be used in a vertical, horizontal or inclined working position. Construction The UNIQUA CESSPIT pump is equipped with an electric motor on a common shaft as one compact hermetic unit with a suction opening located in the lower part. The pump is single-stage with a Vortex type impeller. The electric motor is single-phase, asynchronous and is protected against overheating by a thermal fuse (short-term protects the motor from destruction), against penetration of the pumped liquid by a mechanical seal, oil box (filled with refined rapeseed oil) and o-ring. The connecting electrical cable is perfectly sealed in the special outlet against the penetration of the pumped liquid and is secured against being pulled out. The user is obliged to protect the electric motor against overload by overcurrent protection (motor starter).
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