metal cutting disc, 150 x 1.6 x 22.2mm

Pack of 5 pcs.
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CodePRR 106930PNbal.5ks 4/24ProducerEXTOL
Použití naKov
Síla těla kotouče ( mm )1,6 mm
Vnější průměr kotouče (mm)150
Pack of 5 pcs.

Characteristics: We divide cutting and grinding wheels into three quality series Extol Craft, Extol Premium and Extol Industrial, while the Extol Premium and Extol Industrial series meet the higher quality requirements of professional craftsmen both in the quality of work performed and with their extended service life. Extol cutting discs are characterized by a wide range of applications. Our offer includes wheels for machining steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys or natural and artificial stone. These blades are precisely matched to the individual applications and guarantee high cutting performance. All series of cutting and grinding wheels are designed to work in angle grinders at a working speed of 80 m / s. The discs are manufactured in accordance with the European safety standards EN 12413
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