irreversible thermal fuse capillary KNTP 8823.02, 99 °C length cap. ? mm single pole

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CodeVBT 882302PN900 (SDN-BOJ.) 5/24ProducerDRAŽICE
Délka a průměr čidla:900 mm, délka-120 mm, pr.-6 mm
Jmenovité napětí [V]:230V~240V
Jmenovitý proud [A]:16,0 A
Pro teplotu okolí °C :0 °C do +150 °C
Teplotní rozsah99 °C
PřipojeníKonektor 6,3 x 0,8 mm
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Capillary irreversible thermal fuse KNTP 8823.02 ( hereinafter referred to as KNTP ) is a safety device with a temperature sensor , which is designed to limit the temperature in equipment powered by alternating current under abnormal working conditions . KNTP does not act as a switch .

Capillary length=? mm, sensor diameter=?mm


KNTP is a built-in single-pole expansion capillary irreversible thermal fuse based on the principle of liquid expansion . KNTP consists of two basic parts - a switching device and a capillary temperature sensor . If the temperature around the temperature sensor reaches the value set by the manufacturer for the opening temperature , the electrical circuit will be disconnected . Re- switching is only possible mechanically - by pressing the button on the switch body after the temperature sensor has cooled down . It is not allowed to turn on the KNTP under electrical load . Rewiring the KNTP 8823.02 can only be done by a knowledgeable person .

KNTP is mounted with two M4 screws. There is a protective ground pin on the cover.



  • the possibility of variable placement and rotation of the sensor independent of the position of the device
  • the possibility to mount the switching device in any position
  • possibility to bend the capillary according to the installation conditions
  • the system has no inherent power consumption
  • low operation and maintenance costs compared to electronic systems
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