heating element heating motor 1000W curved

coolant heating in truck engines
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coolant heating in truck engines

The heater consists of a heating element, which is attached to a cast steel head, covering the outlets of the heater. The head is equipped with a double sealing gland AP 16x12 and AP 13.5x12 for the connecting cable and a lid that covers the head against splashing water. The heater is designed to heat the coolant in the engines of buses and commercial vehicles with engines of the M 1.2 series to facilitate the start in the winter when the temperature drops below -10 ° C. These are Liaz M engines, MŠ 630; M, MŠ 634; M, MŠ 635; M, MŠ 636; M, MŠ 637; M, Kindergarten 638; M, MŠ 640; M, MS 640F; ML 634. Individual designs of radiators are applicable as follows: 482690000 - for engines manufactured after 1988 (boss on the side of the engine block). 482690020 - universal for all engines (rear cylinder head cover). The heating time of the coolant from -5 ° C to the optimum temperature of +40 ° C is about 1 hour. When installing the heater in the engine, it is necessary to follow the instructions for use, which are enclosed with the element.
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