ABB Switch, switching 1-0-2, ONU2M FK, 230V, 25A

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Order information Last Ordering Date: 2020-09-30 All Countries Replacement Product ID (NEW): 1SCA126497R1001 Documents to download Data sheet, technical information: 1SCC302003C0201 Instructions and manuals: 1SCC302004M0203 Dimensions Product net width: 53 mm Net height of the product: 45 mm Product net depth: 82 mm Net product weight: 0.11 kg Specifications Rated operating current AC-22A (Ie): (500V) 20A (690 V) 20 A Rated operating current DC-21B (Ie): (440V) 20A (600V) 16A Classical heat flux in free air (Ith): q = 40 °C 25 A Rated continuous heat flow: Fully Enclosed 25 A Nominal impulse withstand voltage (Uimp): 4 kV Rated operating voltage: 400 V Rated short-term withstand current (Icw): for 3 with 0.1 kA Type of handle: Modular handle Special features: Change-over switch: With 0-position: 12 o'clock, step angle 60°, front plate 1-0-2 Color: Black Fastening type: DIN-rail and screw base mounting Number of contacts: 4 Number of poles: 2 Encapsulation Type: Not enclosed Clamp Type: Screw Terminals
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