eternal tip for transformer solder 1.6 mm

eternal tip: 1.6 mm in diameter, heat-tinned loop. Lifespan 20 times longer than a standard tip.
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eternal tip for transformer solder 1.4 mm

eternal tip for transformer solder 1.4 mm
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1,20 EUR excl. VAT1,45 EUR
Instructions for use V-tips are designed for transformer soldering irons with power input up to 100 VA. The principle of long life of the tips consists in fitting its tip with a conductor made of resistive material, which dissolves 10 times less than tin in tin at 300 ° C. During operation, the majority power concentrates to the tip of the tip. This fact must be kept in mind and tip when using don't burn unnecessarily !. Therefore, the soldering iron should be switched on only for the necessary time and have a tip clean, with a drop of tin and a rosin coating. This is the best mode to keep long tip life. The speed of heating the tip or power at the tip is possible depending on the nature of the work change by a suitable selection of the tip with differently thick tip, while thinner ones are designed for finer work. Mounting on a transformer soldering iron is the same as with classic tips. Keep the tip of the tip clean during work. In case of heavy pollution, we will clean it with an older toothbrush and boil in rosin, in the extreme case we use solder acid. Dear user, I believe that the tips used according to the recommended advice will last you satisfaction long enough. An overview of examples of the use of V-tips according to the size of the tip: TIP DIMENSION WORK EXAMPLE 0.8 mm soldering on PCB manufactured by SMD technology 1.0 mm fine soldering on printed circuit boards 1.2 mm medium soldering on printed circuit boards 1.4 mm thick soldering on printed circuit boards 1.6 mm soldering of power leads, etc.
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