ESN 350 - Cordless scooter

ESN 350 - Cordless scooter
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CodeNRN 65405349ProducerNAREXWarranty24 months
Dojezd na dobitíaž 25 km
Kapacita akumulátoru6,4 Ah
Max. nosnost100 kg
Max. rychlost29 km/h
Max. sklon vozovky15°
Rozměry v rozloženém stavu1056×420×1166 mm
Rozměry ve složeném stavu1056×420×450 mm
Světlá výška120 mm
Velikost kol8,5"
Jmenovité napětí [V]:36,0 V
Výkon elektromotoru [kW]350 W
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The NAREX e-scooter guarantees high riding comfort on flat and rugged surfaces. The solid steel frame and wide aluminum casting of the supporting platform are maximally stable even when moving on unpaved terrain. 8.5-inch tubeless wheels dampen shocks and vibrations, increase responsiveness and ease of operation. Thanks to the placement of the battery in the column of the machine, the scooter has a high ground clearance (120 mm), so it can easily overcome even common deceleration thresholds, access to sidewalks and other terrain unevenness. The powerful brushless motor can handle inclines of up to 15 °.
Safety always comes first!
With a view to ensuring the greatest possible safety when riding in reduced visibility, the NAREX e-scooter is equipped as standard with a front LED headlight with an active afterglow of up to 20 m and a rear red LED lamp. A manual signal bell is used for driving in built-up areas or on cycle paths.
LCD display
The clearly legible, intuitive LCD display shows the current battery status, speed and the default speed mode. By pressing a function button, you can choose between three speeds to determine the pace that suits you while adapting the machine's performance to the character of the surrounding landscape and terrain in front of you. Cruise control with audible warning can be used for comfortable long-distance travel.
Disc and foot brake
The rear disc brake with e-ABS function is characterized by high braking reliability. The rear foot brake reduces the braking distance to the required minimum in extreme situations. As soon as the user starts to brake, the rear red LED lights up intermittently.
350 W carbonless motor,
stored in the front wheel disc, it can accelerate up to a speed of 29 km / h and at the same time be maximally efficient. When driving downhill or when braking, it can generate excess energy , recover it back into the battery and thus significantly extend the range of the machine.
The NAREX e-scooter is incredibly compact
The folding mechanism of the scooter is admirably simple, so you can easily fold it into the trunk of a car, or take it with you to the bus, subway and tram. A specially designed lock prevents the scooter from unfolding while riding.

Package contains:
»E-scooter ESN 350
»Battery AP 36-6.4 Li-ion
»AN 360 charger
»Allen key 5
»Inflator hose
" cardboard box